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The Pros And Cons Of Raising A Chihuahua Rescue Dog Posted By : Sandra Dean..
07/07/2009 - By Admin

Taking in a Chihuahua rescue dog and saving it from an abusive situation while at the same time giving it a new home is a wonderful thing. Your little dog may never understand how to show you how much it appreciates what you are doing but if you stay patient then the rewards will come for years and years. You will need the right people to help you out and you will need to know what to expect from your Chihuahua rescue dog so take the time to do some reading and become an informed owner.
A good vet is extremely important to the life of any pet and when you are dealing with a pet that has been through some trauma then you need a vet that understands how to deal with a pet like that. Take your time and talk to a lot of vets before deciding on one and make sure the one you pick is someone your dog likes too.
It may be a long shot but you can contact the local Chihuahua breeders and ask them if they would mind being a resource to you while you are raising your Chihuahua rescue dog. Some breeders do not mind helping out any Chihuahua owner with any advice they may need while other breeders do not have the time or do not make it a practice of offering free advice. All you can do is ask and you may be able to find someone else you can turn to when you have a question.
Your new dog is going to need a lot of love and a lot of patience from you so be prepared to offer both in a great quantity. The Chihuahua is very proud of itself and when that pride is destroyed by abuse they tend to become very nasty and anti-social. The only thing you can do to combat it is to pay a lot of attention to your dog and show it that everything is going to be all right.
Housebreaking is a difficult thing with well-adjusted Chihuahuas and it can become almost impossible with a Chihuahua rescue dog. You can, and should, try standard housebreaking methods with your Chihuahua but these may fail immediately as your dog may still be confused from its ordeal.
For a rescue dog you may want to accept a litter box dog and save you and the dog a lot of stress. Use shredded paper and keep it clean. It may be the best way to deal with a difficult situation.
Training and living with your new dog will be very difficult but never punish the dog. A Chihuahua will respond more to positive reinforcement and may become defensive with punishment and start biting.
You should never punish your rescue dog. Punishment is a bad thing for a well-adjusted Chihuahua and it is even worse for a rescue dog so be patient and be prepared to show a lot of love.
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