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The Untold Story of the Disney Princesses Posted By : Joshua Watson
03/06/2009 - By Admin

The modern-day animated Disney movies are considered to be strictly for kids. But believe it or not, before they were edited for children stories, they were legendary tales passed on through generations that involved deep passion and intense emotion.

Consider The Little Mermaid for instance. The original story, written by Hans Christian Andersen, is much more mature and surprisingly graphic in its nature. Similar to the Disney version, the young mermaid does in fact have a fascination with the human world. But her journey is a long and painful one.

Wearing Adult Disney Princess Costumes Seems Appropriate

The story of the sea princess has a somewhat dark connotation. After learning about the real story, wearing adult Disney princess costumes on Halloween seems all the more suitable for the occasion. After falling desperately in love with a human prince, she devotes herself to becoming a part of his world, no matter what the cost.

In taking a forbidden risk, she visits the cruel sea witch whose underwater castle is surrounded by death and decaying remains of skeletons. In exchange for a transformation potion, the mermaid reluctantly allows the witch to cut out her tongue. Once she drinks the potion, her tail divides into two beautiful legs. But again, in contrast to the innocent animated version, every time she walks she leaves behind a trail of blood.

Every step she takes is as if she is stepping on knives. And throughout the entire story, there are constant struggles; the mournful loss of family, the argument of the soul, and the heartache of never marrying the prince. It is a profound story of lust, disappointment and death that is not, by any means, meant for children. So if you thought fairy tales were merely juvenile, think again!

Almost every Disney story roots from a tale that was intended for a sophisticated audience. Consequently, dressing as a princess for Halloween in adult Disney princess costumes might be much more interesting than you first thought. Learn more about the origin of these tales, such as Cinderella, through Wikipedia.

Adult Disney Princess Costumes- Imagine Yourself as a Princess

Get ready to be whisked away on a magic carpet ride if you are Princess Jasmine. Or travel to your kingdom under the sea as Princess Ariel. Show your evil step mother who the glass slipper truly belongs to in an adult Cinderella costume. And if you're the fairest one of all, a Princess Snow White costume is a perfect choice.

But be careful and keep your eyes on the time, because your car could turn into a pumpkin! Also, don't forget the true stories behind the fairytales when you're wearing the adult Disney princess costumes; it simply adds to the overall enchantment.
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